Is Safety and Care Important to your Organisation?

It’s not OK in our society to have

  • one child killed every 5 weeks on average from abuse
  • 14,802 substantiated findings of child abuse last year (including emotional, physical, sexual abuse & neglect)
  • increasing levels of elder abuse, especially psychological abuse in institutions

SafeHere uses the Safety Management System, developed in partnership with ChildSafe Ltd., to tackle the systemic safety shortcomings which can cause harm to an individual, when they are in the care of an organisation, by identifying three critical processes -  Appointment, Training and Control. The safety of children and youth continues to be high on our agenda but minor changes have been made and our manuals have been rebranded 'SafeHere', to better assist those working with a wide variety of age groups.

Whatever the age group, whatever the environment (church, school, club, sports team, care group or ?), our aim is to help you have 'Safe People and Safe Programs'.  We can offer you an affordable set of tools for safety management which, although primarily for use with children and young people, is equally relevant for use with any age group in a variety of situations.

Safety Management Online is a 'not to be missed'  tool for those taking record keeping, online training and planning seriously. After the initial set up costs, your subscription will cost approx. $10 / user (leader) / year.   

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