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SafeHere Key Partners    

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An initiative of Scripture Union Australia, who conceived and developed ChildSafe as an internal project before creating ChildSafe Ltd as a separate entity in 2007.

Scripture Union in New Zealand launched SafeHere, shared resources and worked with ChildSafe Ltd on the Australia / NZ edition, building on over 80 years of experience in camping, school and holiday programs in New Zealand.

Risk/Safety Management bodies

Government Departments and Protection Groups

  • Oranga Tamariki                                - Ministry, supporting any child whose wellbeing is at significant risk of harm 
  • MBIE                                                   - regulations and guidelines, staff and volunteers
  • New Zealand Police                            - New Zealand Police vetting services
  • Children's Commissioner                   - protecting children’s and young people's rights
  • Child Matters                                      - educating to prevent child abuse
  • Netsafe                                               - online safety for New Zealand 
  • KidsHealth                                          - child abuse: directory for information and support
  • EONZ                                                   - supporting educators working in outdoor education & Education Outside the Classroom
  • Age Concern                                        - supporting older people in a healthy lifestyle with protection from harm

Training Organisations

SafeHere requires appropriate standards of first aid, lifesaving and outdoor recreation qualifications where relevant to specific programmes. The organisations below are among those who offer training and certification where needed.

UK Resource for Schools 

New Zealand Legislation - keep up to date with any changes!


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