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There is a free SafeHere Team Member booklet waiting for you (1/individual) if you send details via the ‘contact us’ link, giving the three missing words below - the answer is, of course, in the website!

The three critical processes SafeHere identifies for any organisation are

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The National BreakAway Manager (PFNZ Community Family Care) wrote,

"The Phineas & Ferb camp has been dubbed our most successful camp, because it was fraught with challenges and difficulties to overcome.  However, it was out of these difficulties that we saw just how effective the safety planning (ChildSafe/SafeHere) and the emergency response plan was.  Those difficulties created an atmosphere of honesty, taking responsibility and repentance, as well as the campers learning first hand in an experiential manner how to safely handle their anger.  Some of our campers that are almost 15 years of age have expressed a desire to become leaders in the future, which presents us with an opportunity to work closely with them to develop them.  What a privilege this is." 

SafeHere SMO update for our users (March 2014 onwards)

Check out your organisation’s SMO site to see what is new! A major upgrade has taken place and is still ongoing! A  more intuitive user interface, improved integration with other data bases, online training videos for users at every level!  

All NZ ChildSafe resources are now printed here in NZ under the SafeHere logo. The content is very similar to the older ChildSafe books but we are seeking to ensure that people realise the system can be equally well used when dealing with age groups beyond the realm of children and young people.

Since we reprinted, our Australian ChildSafe colleagues have decided to address the issue of serving a wider age group and to reinforce the emphasis on 'safe places' at the same time. They have removed some content from their Team Member booklets and added it into extra modules, accessible via the resources tab for Team Members in SMO. As an SMO user, you have the advantage of having it all on your site automatically as those are the default resources for all sites. So you may now see CSE3 instead of CSE2 in the default resources and the new logo for SP3 appearing too. ChildSafe SP3 stands for Safe People, Safe Programs, Safe Places.  Be aware, however, their new SP3 modules have great content BUT have been produced for Australia so you would find the 'wrong' emergency numbers, Au websites etc. and reference to their laws/requirements.  So we have now modified them for NZ. Some of the content is in our manuals but some is additional and the A4 double sided layout is clear and user friendly when you need one page of specific information for your teams e.g. under TM Resources on your SMO site, check out (NZ)Module SM1 Managing Safety in Social Media.pdf or (NZ)Module DIS3 Working with ADHD.pdf and many more!

In 2013 we produced the new SafeHere resources CD to use with the newly printed SafeHere manuals - the forms all have our SafeHere logo and you can add your own too. SafeHere resources are now the default for all NZ SMO sites. Other resources can be uploaded to your SMO site to a folder at each level (TM, TL, C and RMO) of access. We offered Administrators new SafeHere resource CDs but if you have old ones the content will be similar but with 'old logos'. 

The National Incident Database - a useful Outdoor Education and Recreation in NZ Guide

Might it be relevant for your organisation?

The National Incident Database gets organisations asking ‘what are the factors in our current operations that could lead to such an incident happening here’, and ‘can we make changes to safeguard against the same thing happening to us?' Rex Moir, Dept of Labour Senior Advisor

When do operators need to pass safety audits?

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is encouraging operators to initiate safety audits well ahead of time to ensure legal deadlines are met.

Journal of the Office of the Children's Commissioner  

Check out the edition on 'Faiths against violence'.







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