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                        SafeHere Trust (New Zealand)

The SafeHere Trust (established by Scripture Union New Zealand) is a NZ registered charity, no. CC 39844. It has a close ongoing relationship and formal agreement with ChildSafe Limited (Australia) to promote and provide materials, systems and service, as applicable in the New Zealand context, to organisations in all areas of society, not just the church sector. In setting up SafeHere we  received invaluable assistance from Ansvar Insurance in NZ who helped us launch our services in New Zealand and donated towards our marketing costs.

The principal purpose of the SafeHere Trust is the promotion of the prevention or the control of behaviour that is harmful or abusive to children, young people or other natural persons in any organisation.

It relies on two sources of income:

  • Funds generated from the sale of SafeHere Packages & Publications
  • Donations and grants from groups who value what we are doing

    We keep our pricing modest to make SafeHere/ChildSafe affordable to those who need it most, with a discount for NZ registered charities. At present our target market is largely volunteer based organisations, where we see a great need for standards and practices to improve.

    We seek support via grants and donations from organisations whose values align with our own. The Trust is set up to receive donations from individuals and other entities to partner with us to further our principal purpose.

    For more details contact SafeHere Trust, c/o 37 Leeward Drive, Whitby, Porirua 5024. Tel (04 235 8585) or email us.

    Why set up SafeHere?

    Children, young people and adults deserve the best endeavours of an organisation towards their safety. This involves more than good intentions, or the assumption that harmful incidents will not happen. Organisations are under increased community scrutiny in relation to screening workers, risk management and the quality of care they offer.

    Many organisations do not currently have adequate systems in place to ensure that sound policies are translated into practice or that they have the necessary records if questions are asked of them, now or in the future. Governments are increasingly legislating standards and requirements for organisations e.g. when working with children or in the outdoor adventure sector. The availability and affordability of insurance can be an issue for community organisations  with insurers rightly expecting them to have effective risk management processes in place to minimise claims.

    ChildSafe Limited

    ChildSafe Limited (Australia) exists to serve organisations working with children and young people, with the goal of improved child safety. The funds received from the resources and web system are applied solely to this goal.

    ChildSafe Limited is a harm prevention charity – an initiative of Scripture Union Australia. Scripture Union Australia, in collaboration with Scripture Union New Zealand, conceived and developed ChildSafe as an internal project before creating ChildSafe Limited as a separate entity in 2007.

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