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Our aim is to help you create a culture of safety for all those involved in your organisation. Safety Management Online (SMO) has been built to facilitate this aim. This sophisticated system manages people's appointment and tracks their training. It provides a framework for all of your programs to operate safely. Online training is available, along with a huge range of resources.
SMO is in essence a compliance system, bringing rigour to organisational processes and facilitating accountability for safety issues. You are invited to subscribe to SMO and take advantage of a package of access and support that will greatly assist you with the safety of children and young people or indeed any age group!

SafeHere printed publications and SMO work together to provide effective implementation. 

Here in New Zealand, we met previously with Child Youth and Family to ensure that using SafeHere/ChildSafe would enable you to meet their approval requirements. They can audit programmes using this system. 

The expense involved in subscribing to a SafeHere Package is a fraction of the cost in time and expertise that is involved in the development of such a comprehensive Safety Management System.

You will want to see SafeHere implemented properly throughout your organisation. We want you to select the most useful subscription from the options we offer. Two key factors will influence your ability to implement SafeHere:

  • All people have the appropriate printed publications for their level of responsibility.
  • Use of SMO, greatly assisting implementation, accountability, record keeping and administration.

Subscription Benefits 

Gain fast access to a proven system of safety management with your SafeHere subscription. You can start with a publications only subscription or, more usefully, talk to us about a more structured implementation plan using Safety Management Online. Full subscription costs are relative to organisational size and use.

There is a one-off set up fee when you employ our unique Safety Management Online (SMO) system and an annual subscription. Ask SafeHere for a quote today!

Subscriber benefits include:

  • Significant training tools to support safety in your organisation;
  • Critical appointment and screening mechanisms;
  • SafeHere Policy and a Code of Practice;
  • E-newsletters providing up-to-date support and references;
  • Use of your own secure Safety Management Online (SMO) platform as a practical online tool for managing your organisation’s safety procedures.
  • Fast access to a comprehensive and effective safety system, tailored for community organisations

Your options at a glance: costs for the use of Safety Management Online available on application.

Options Suitable for ... Comments

Publications only

Go to SafeHere Resources for current pricing but you now pay an annual subscription for the right to buy the publications


Small single entity  e.g. church or club

One SafeHere kit supplied and opportunity to purchase additional publications.

No access to SMO 

SafeHere publications and SMO use

Standard Subscription

A single entity (church, school, sports club etc.)

The annual minimum fee is set to assist smaller entities and enable them to explore the real value of SMO  

SMO site with full access to all features, includes remote rather than face to face support.

SafeHere publications and SMO for larger organisations

Enterprise  Subscription

Multiple entities must work together to use SMO under a single umbrella. This can substantially reduce annual costs in many cases so talk to us about how this could work for you.

SMO site for organisation, with full access to all features, includes remote rather than face to face support.






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