Safety Management Online Packages

Our aim is to help you create a culture of safety for all those involved in your organisation. Safety Management Online (SMO) has been built to facilitate this aim. This sophisticated system manages people's appointment and tracks their training. It provides a framework for all of your programs to operate safely. Online training is available, along with a huge range of resources.
SMO is in essence a compliance system, bringing rigour to organisational processes and facilitating accountability for safety issues. You are invited to subscribe to SMO and take advantage of a package of access and support that will greatly assist you with the safety of children and young people or indeed any age group!

SafeHere printed publications and SMO work together to provide effective implementation. If you want to use SMO but believe you already have the appropriate standards and training in place, please contact us to discuss the other options available.

Here in New Zealand, we have met with Child Youth and Family to ensure that using SafeHere/ChildSafe will enable you to meet their approval requirements. They can audit programmes using this system. We can offer help with matching your SafeHere records with those required when seeking approval for OSCAR programs - you do not need to 'reinvent the wheel' so please talk to us!

The expense involved in subscribing to a SafeHere Package is a fraction of the cost in time and expertise that is involved in the development of such a comprehensive Safety Management System.

You will want to see SafeHere implemented properly throughout your organisation. We want you to select the most useful package from the options we offer. Two key factors will influence your ability to implement SafeHere:

  • All people have the appropriate printed publications for their level of responsibility.
  • Use of SMO, greatly assisting implementation, accountability, record keeping and administration.

Your options at a glance: updated costs for the use of Safety Management Online are listed beneath the table that follows.

Options Suitable for ... Comments

Publications only

Go to SafeHere Resources for current pricing but you now pay a $500(+GST) annual subscription for the right to buy the publications


Small single entity  e.g. church or club

No access to SMO  (although it is sensible financially to re think the possibility of using SMO after year 1 if not earlier!).

SafeHere publications and SMO use

A single entity (church, school, sports club or ...)

The annual minimum fee has just been significantly reduced to assist smaller entities and enable them to explore the real value of SMO  

SMO site with full access to all features, includes remote rather than face to face support.

SafeHere publications and SMO for multiple groups

Mulitple entities must work together to use SMO under a single umbrella. This can substantially reduce annual costs in many cases so talk to us about how this could work for you.

SMO site for organisation, with full access to all features, includes remote rather than face to face support.





SMO Package Prices - already discounted for 'not for profits'. GST will be added to prices quoted.

Please contact us for prices if you are not a 'not for profit' or if you believe you already have the appropriate standards and training in place but wish to explore the use of SMO.





SMO Implementation


Annual fee basis

SafeHere including SMO use

suitable for a single entity only (church, school, sports club or ...)

Start Up includes supply of a SafeHere Kit and option to buy additional manuals. 

Extras available to purchase as required.

$500 initial fee 

Advice from SafeHere consultant.

Assistance for Administrator  via webmaster - email/skype


$500 for initial     training in use of system - online or face to face.

4 hours,  tailored to your needs.

 Travel costs to be charged when done face to face.

 $500 minimum


$150 (fixed) +

$62.50/active site (group within your subsite) +

$3.13 per person using SMO 

SafeHere including SMO for  multiple groups


Talk to us about your needs!




ChildSafe Ltd are also open to considering requests to make available the manuscripts for broader forms of customisation. This would need to occur under strict conditions that protect the integrity, quality and standards within our materials, and make clear the extent to which our Intellectual Property can be used.

Please contact us if you are considering this.

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