SafeHere Resources

It is important to resource your leaders appropriately. Every organisation will have different needs and constraints.

So please take time to... explore thoroughly the options offered and consider whether the online resources will be suited to your users.

We all learn in different ways - some people will welcome owning a printed guide appropriate to their level of responsibility and others would barely look at it again!

Visuals and interactive learning are essential when literacy or having 'English as a Second Language' is an issue.

Is access to a computer difficult or will your leaders be enthusiastic about the online system and see its potential to save them hours of work and piles of paper?

We strongly urge you never to to forget that training is the key to embracing safety management.

Policy making and record keeping will not deliver the desired outcomes unless you provide the appropriate training for every person involved.

The SafeHere Kit

Implementing SafeHere starts with a SafeHere Kit. It provides you with each of the published 'level specific' guides, and the electronic resources you need to start doing training and using SafeHere.

The SafeHere Kit contains:

  • 1 SafeHere Team Members Pocket Guide

  • SafeHere Team Leaders Guide

  • SafeHere Coordinators Guide

  • SafeHere Organisation Guide

  • 1 Resource CD with electronic copies of all SafeHere forms and training resources.

For more detail about the individual elements and current pricing, read on ...


Team Members Pocket Guide

Team Members are all people working with participants. They work within a broader team, and have limited responsibilities. A concise pocket guide is provided with a strong emphasis on child protection, safe activities and a range of specific guidelines. It's written in plain English, and sets standards that are achievable and practical.

SafeHere Team Members Pocket Guide will help you:

  • Understand how an organisation responsibly appoints people to work with children, young people or adults.
  • Comply with a code of practice for child safety.
  • Understand a range of important child protection issues.
  • Think through your role as part of a safe team.
  • Undertake training in Child Protection and safe programs.

There are also chapters providing guidelines and advice for safe activities, hygiene and medical safety.

Training materials are provided within the pocket guide for Modules M1: Keeping People Safe and M2: Child Protection.


Team Leaders Guide

Team Leaders are people given responsibility for leadership of a discrete program or event. At this level of the system SafeHere provides a a reference document that contains a range of forms and guidelines to assist in risk management planning, safety and responding to incidents.

SafeHere Team Leaders sit within a chain of accountability and support. Team Leaders are responsible for their teams, and a range of information is provided that supplements what is provided in the Team Members Pocket Guide. Accountability is to the Coordinator, and SafeHere Team Leaders Guide sets out how the relationship with the Coordinator functions.

SafeHere Team Leaders Guide helps the Team Leader:

  • Create a safety plan using sound Risk Management principles.
  • Apply for Permission to Proceed for their program or activity.
  • Appoint Team Members to be part of a safe team.
  • Conduct safe activities.
  • Undertake Team Leader training in Risk Management, planning safe programs and responding to untoward events.

Training materials are provided within the guide for Modules L1: The SafeHere Team Leader and L2: Safety Management and Permission to Proceed.

Coordinators Guide

Coordinators are often members of an organisation's staff who are given the task of coordinating a set of programs. SafeHere assists them to assess safety issues and grant permission for appropriately planned programs to proceed.

SafeHere Coordinators sit within a chain of accountability and support. Coordinators are responsible for their Team Leaders, and a range of information is provided to assist Coordinators to undertake that role. Coordinators are themselves accountable to the Risk Management Officer, and SafeHere Coordinators Guide sets out how the relationship with the Risk Management Officer functions.

SafeHere Coordinators Guide helps the Coordinator:

  • Appoint and manage Team Leaders.
  • Oversee safety within their area of responsibility.
  • Assess safety plans and provide Permission to Proceed to programs and activities.
  • Respond to accidents, incidents and emergencies.
  • Undertake training to fulfil their role.

Training materials are provided within the guide for Module C1: The SafeHere Coordinator.

Training presenters guides are also provided to assist Coordinators to provide the Team Member and Team Leader training modules (M1, M2, L1 and L2). These guides link to PowerPoint presentations and worksheets provided on the Resource CD. The guide also contains the answers to the test questions posed in the Team Member and Team Leader training modules, and feedback in relation to the answers given.

SafeHere Organisation

SafeHere has developed this resource to assist organisational leadership. It describes the key features of a "SafeHere Culture", provides guidance on how to implement the SafeHere system across the organisation, assists Risk Management Officers and provides a framework for an Emergency Response Process.

Risk Management Officers are appointed by the organisation to oversee safety and care across operations. They deal with serious matters and emergencies, and ensure that SafeHere protocols are adhered to. SafeHere Risk Management Officer assists the appointed Risk Management Officer(s) (RMO) within an organisation to carry out their safety and care roles.

Risk Management Officer sits within a chain of accountability and support. RMOs are responsible for overseeing issues of safety and care across an organisation, and carry out this role via the organisation's Coordinators, who have responsibility within a particular area. A range of information is provided to assist RMOs in their role.

SafeHere Organisation helps the organisation:

  • Create a culture of compliance and accountability.
  • Implement SafeHere.
  • Develop an Emergency Response Process.
  • Equip and Train it's Risk Management Officers.
  • Develop and implement a training process for those working with children, young people and adults.

Risk Management Officers gain assistance to:

  • Oversee the SafeHere system within an organisation, ensuring consistency.
  • Respond to an unsafe event, such as incident, accidents and child protection issues.
  • Respond to emergency events, in particular through the implementation of an Emergency Response Team within the organisation.
  • Train others within the organisation in Emergency Response.

The SafeHere Training Package

Five training modules are provided within the SafeHere Safety Management System.

Unlike the SafeHere guides, this resource CD is not for sale separately.

The CD only comes as part of the SafeHere Kit.

For Team Members

  • Module M1: Keeping People Safe
  • Module M2: Child Protection

For Team Leaders

  • Module L1: The SafeHere Team Leader
  • Module L2: Safety Management and Permission to Proceed

For Coordinators

  • Module C1: The SafeHere Coordinator

Supporting Resources

The Coordinators Guide contains presenters guides for the Team Member and Team Leader training modules. Answers to the test questions posed in these modules are also provided in the Coordinators Guide. The Resource CD contains PowerPoint presentations for the Team Member and Team Leader modules, worksheets and an evaluation form.

Publication Prices (prices as below subject to review in 2019)

               SafeHere Publications  (now available only to SMO users or those paying an annual subscription)                                                                           

 Price (ex GST)                  

1 complete SafeHere Kit....   includes 1 of each printed resource + 1 SafeHere Resources CD (electronic versions of forms and training materials, available for customisation under the terms of a fair use agreement)


Team Members Pocket Guide

$ 12

Team Leaders Guide

$ 30

Coordinators Guide

$ 30

SafeHere Organisation

$ 30
  1. Note that the above prices do not include GST.
  2. Postage packing and handling charges will be added to your order.
  3. We want to make our materials available in an equitable manner to all organisations whether large or small.
  4. We do not offer discount for large volumes, preferring instead to keep our unit prices low for everyone. We may be able to offer major clients CDs and Kit boxes to assist them in providing resources to their local congregations/groups/clubs.
  5. Larger organisations are invited to consider ordering a branded and customised edition of our publications - branding is free if the quantities are large enough.
  6. For costs involved when using Safety Management Online, go to SMO subscriptions.

In New Zealand, SafeHere Publications are now only available through the SafeHere Trust. Organistions wishing to order publications must either be SMO users or be paying an annual SafeHere subscription.

For larger quantities or branding, for advice, access to a sample kit or assistance with implementation or training please contact us.




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